Destroyer Platinum Skin still not here

Opened the complimentary Platinum Skin chest on Thursday for Destroyer (NA - West Valtan) and confirmed the armor was available for Destroyer. Once opened, the armor skin was no where in my inventory. I saw the hotfix mentioned this was fixed, but is that for “opening after the hotfix” or is there a plan to restore the skin to those that opened the chest and didn’t get anything before the hotfix?

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Hello there @MagLauncher, welcome to the forums!

Thank you for reaching out about this issue, as you mentioned, this has been reported and we are working to solve it for everyone including the players in your situation!

You can follow the official post for updates and more information:

I’ll leave the thread open so we can follow on to this! Let me know if you have any other questions!

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Thank you very much! I’ll be patient. :slight_smile:

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Hello, it has been one month, any update?

Nothing new from what I can see! :frowning:

As much as I would love to give you all time in the world. It is getting lil awkward that this has not been solved yet.

I don’t know where you see Destroyer on it. They stated multiple times that the platinum founder pack does not include skins for new added classes.

It said Destroyer for armor…

I dont see Destroyer in here.
Just accept it that you have been wrong.
From the Founders pack you can use the Lawmaker Armor on you Destroyer because it is bound to Warrior classes but not the Platinum skins.

Why are you so adamant about proving people wrong, especially when you are wrong yourself?Even if the armor doesn’t go for destroyer, the chest said Destroyer was applicable when we opened it. The chest opened and produced nothing, so even if it’s not supposed to, most of us that did this are missing out on using it “where it should” if this is the case. Please take your ego and get out of here.

Also, check this out to see why you are wrong: - initially the complimentary skin we got from the server moved said destroyer as you can hopefully read. We fell victim to this and nothing has been done to fix it. They fixed existing unopened chests, but some of us opened it before this change because we validated Destroyer when we saw it.


@Jormungandrh hello? Can you not ignore this?

Don’t bother.

Anything to do with addition of skins to the game, they are going to ignore, burn the feedback, and never going to fix or implement it ever again in future.

Hello @Hammerstorm and @LegendarySkins,

I am sorry to hear you are experiencing an issue similar to the one on this thread but I heavily suggest against replying on top of older posts in order to avoid having yours overlooked.

Please note, if you are requesting for a skin to be added to the pack, this has already been submitted as feedback and is not a support topic. If on the other hand, you had an issue similar to the one on this thread, where a chest was open and no item yield happened, then this scenario will require our tech team to look into your logs and follow up directly with other possibly sensitive account information that is best not posted on the forums so it would be better if you could please create a web ticket by going to Contact Us | Amazon Games.

Please, do not hesitate reaching out to live support to have this looked into.

See you in Arkesia! :wolf:

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