Destroyer received a stealth nerf over night!

Am I the only one that noticed that we got ripped overnight?

Same character, not a single change, Perfect swing goes from 20mil to 12-14mil on crit, tried it countless times since this morning and it is it, we got nerfed by at least 30 to 40% on that spell, which is f**ing huge!

@Roxx @Sandovall @Maselbart could you please confirm it and/or report it to whoever is in charge of that if that was not intended? That’s our main Damage dealer spell, that’s is a humongous nerf that either should have been reported or needs to be adresses ASAP if it’s a bug, thanks :slight_smile:

But there were no patch to DL to change that…

Damage calculations are server sided. Although, there’s lack of foundation on OP’s claim.

Well, all I can provide is my own experience.
This spell always crits between 18 to 20mil.
Since this morning it hits between 13 to 15 mil.

There are so many variables to damage that I know this statement is BS. Damage varies on your buffs, others buffs on you, mob armor/resistance, mob debuffs, head attack/back attack or not, etc. I’ve had my attacks crit for 8M and I’ve had the same attack crit for 3.5M

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Maybe you changed presets by accident?

You will be better assisted with proof comparing the 2 scenarios.

Also, final damage is product of many variables. Attack Power, Skill Level, Gem, Tripod, self anf party buffs, damage multipliers, self and party synergies, etc.

Try testing properly, maybe you touched a tripod or gem by mistake.

Well that’s the thing, I triple checked everything, I have the exact same preset but I guess maybe I’m wrong or we’ll see more Destro complain. I personnally see the big difference , I just tried an argos where I hit it with full buffs + an increase in my engraving + head attack as always and couldn’t even reach 20mil when I specifically asked my entire group to put as much buffs/debuff as they could (no dark because it would change it even more).

We’ll see if i’m just blindsided or if it is an actual fact with time I guess :).

Depends also on the group you had before and last time. You maybe had different synergies before. Also if i have good synergies and boss is broken i do 20m+, otherwise i do like 14m. Depends also on the state of fight.