Destroyer skill clarification?

so, i don’t remember where i was told this (probably a youtube video)…

i was under the impression that the destroyer skills like perfect swing and seismic hammer did extra damage depending on where the skill lands on a mob, but after testing this out in the training grounds, it doesn’t appear to be true? whether i land the skills on the absolute edge of the hitbox or i just stand on top of the mob, the damage doesn’t appear to change.

any destroyer mains/enjoyers out there that can explain? was this in a different version and then removed for the west?

They changed it in the recent update to make it less clunky. These tripods have been replaced.


they changed it with class balance patch skill description now says front and back attacks

ahh okay, thanks. now that you mention it, i do remember briefly reading about tripod changes. i must have forgotten the details :sweat_smile:

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As @bartholomeus.celine said it’s a change they got rid of to make the class easier to play. It did take away some of the high end damage and, arguably, skill from the class, but it makes it much more fluid to play as well as not having to get literally lucky with the amount of cores you gain from your blue skills. Overall it’s a much better feeling class to play that’s less punishing