Destroyer thats a joke

Why is destroyer on the roadmap when no one wants to play him? he is literally dead last in every single poll

You answered your own question. They know its one of the least hyped up classes and thats why they’ll release it first most likely. They can say ‘hey here is a new class, we listened to you. Next one will be in another 2-3 months, cheers!’.

They know what they’re doing lol. Just like the deadzone 1340-1370 and how only whales were able to do Argos day 1.

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Do you understand that they probably delayed the destroyer to release first the lancemaster?

They listened to the community on that I would say.

If they listened to the community they would give us lancemaster in april and artist in may not a 1% poll destroyer class

I for one am disappointed destroyer isn’t coming first but congrats to the lancemaster mains. Just wish she had a male counter part already!

I was hoping for Artist first but getting Glavier in April is awesome.

You have the lancemaster at least. So take it?

Why would they release the artist that soon? It justs got released in KR and I am not even sure it is in Russia.

At some point we will catch up the other regions. Damn so guys who cannot be patient or understanding that the whishes cannot be all granted.