Destroyer the 05/19/2022!


You will see, trust me, i never fail !

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Not sure if meme or wrong month.

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I have edit my bro

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I wish it was 12/05/2022 :smiley:

… but 19th is still better than 26th for sure!

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You wasn’t supposed to go on ff14 and stop lost ark?


The forum is good, no honing cost, no bot problem, a nice place to be, waiting to some content for a while.

Taking a break and keep an eye on the update is cool.

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Yeah, he was supposed to play FFXIV but I assume he is one of those who seek attention now matter how

I don’t understand how OP can say “this game is not for me” and then at the end of his post he says “I will come back play” :smiley: People are so fucking strange


Ooh OK got you this is how you keep your eyes on futur content kinda weird but why not

You said you quit days ago… what are you doing here? go back to FF forums. You are no longer our friend!

Was our friend 1 day? I only saw troll post from him since day 1

He used to be my best friend, but he betray me and went to FF :’(


Destroyer can do strange things to people

also much more useful than having a 0 dps glaivier in the party

No no i’m playing it right now, while i post here in the same time my bro !

He will create similar “random” post about scouter and god know what :smiley:

yes come back play testing thing out, not trying to reach the content, chill out at maximum

sorry to tell you this, but many people here (included me) are waiting their main class, which is not out yet (me is scouter).

No bro you betray us, you are not welcome here anymore unless you pay me 10k gold :frowning:

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You do what you want sir just stop post every move you do. No sense


I guess we got a deal then

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Destroyer will arrive at 26MAY with new content…