Destroyers are so much fun!

I’m currently an Igniter Sorc main and waiting for my actual main which is the Summoner. However, I just started leveling my 8th alt today and I selected the Destroyer.

I just want to say this class is fking fun to use. Smash, jump, and more smashing!! Not mentioning the damage reduction buff, the insanely high stagger damage and the satisfaction of the skill animation + sound effect.

If Destroyer was out during launch, I probably would’ve main him instead of a Sorc while waiting for my Summoner. Holy crap, this is so much fun.


who’s underrating destroyer?

People saying Destroyer are the least popular class and etc I guess. Should I change the title?

I’m not sure what it is based on, vocal minority or real stats. I guess it’s the former, don’t let them get into your head, if you think Destroyer is fun to play, isn’t that what matters? I also think it is really fun to play but also really frustrating at times.

In KR Destroyer isn’t popular but it doesn’t really apply to the western mentality when you see that Bard is the most popular class over there.

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I feel the same about Destroyer. His kit is super fun, easy to play, while hard to master. Very forgiving on mistakes.

You feel every Smash he uses and that feeling on hitting the perfect swing on the head of a boss is so satisfying.

I also think about switching right now, but my main scrapper also has this Feeling with her big punches. She is more mobile, but way less forgiving because she has no shields and less super armor

Destroyer is one of the least played classes in other regions as far as I know and all the polls that were made showed that he was def. the least anticipated class.

But man… he is my favourite so far. The gameplay is fun and satisfying! And I do more damage than my other classes. :smiley:

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I absolute love destroyer. Mainly because he’s not a DPS…as in Damage Per Second, Rather Damage Per Swing. And his blue move “Earth Smasher” is stupid high stagger and it;s so satisfying to watch them rocks slam into things stunning the everloving crap out of them whilst you get read to wind up either yer whirlwhindy Earth eater the other version of EE, or any of the other purple skills that smack things into their grandmothers childhood


Yeah it looks fun but the hammer is too big. Waiting for a skin with a more believable size.

Actually that was one of the selling points for me. Def. matter of taste but I do like the stupidly large hammer. But a bit more variation and some funny skins would be great.

Yes I agree he is a lot of fun… but here is the catch , wait until you fight raid bosses that move around like a bunny or even guardians that jump around all over the place and you will see how hard he is to actually play . He is a nightmare to play especially when all upcoming raid bosses and dungeon bosses move around like crazy…

And that is why is the least popular in KR


Destroyer actually ended up being pretty cool.
Although I was waiting on destroyer anyway. I’m really excited for reaper and female zerk though.
Maybe this will motivate people to try other classes and stop the class elitism stuff.

This 'ere is truth.