Destruction Punisher Skin Set

In the shop the set does not say anything about being undyeable, yet when I went to go dye it, it says no dyeable? May I get some help?


i posted this and talk to them in a live chat, they are already in this matter, they said i have to wait 24-48hrs for a response.

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Oh ok I see, I think I read these are intended to not be dyed but may you let me know what they tell you?

I have the same problem. I bought it and thought it can be dyed.

+1 seen people with this set dyed tho

Same thing here. When you buy it, it doesn’t say anything about not being dyeable, but after you have it, you realize you can dye it. Doesn’t seem very fair to anyone who spend the money on it hoping to dye it.

any news?

I’d like to know as well. 8 days without any word so far, getting pretty frustrating.

I had a “response”