Destruction Stone Selection Pouch not Sorting

Frequency and Repro Rate : 100%

Priority : Low
Severity : Low

Location :
Roster Storage
Personal Storage

Steps :

  1. Put Destruction Stone Selection Pouch in any empty space in Inventory, Roster or Personal Storage. [Before Sort Attachment]
  2. Click Sort Items button. [After Sort Attachment]
  3. View all other unordered items being sorted except for Destrunction Stone Selection Pouch.

Note : I have tried this with other items in the same location, adjacent in column and row too. This issue occurs only for this one item. It may be missing or NULL its auto sort index values.



Hello and welcome back to the forums!

An interesting bug! Thank you for reporting. I’ll share this thread with the team.

Hey, it is not a bug

I think you accidentally alt+click the pouches, do you see that fine blue border around the item?

That is the “Lock Sort” feature, you can use it to prevent auto sorting and keep the item in place

For more options you can ctrl+right click the item to open a small menu and remove the lock there, or alt+left click the pouch to do the same, to remove the sorting lock and blue border, then it should auto sort again

Oh thanks for the info.

@riven.2116 Would you mind checking that one out? Thanks!

+1 for the “Lock Sort.”
You can unlock sort the item and then you can sort it normally. Notice the border of the item, that’s what “locked sort” items look like.