Destructive Element Skin Set

Hello, i have just one question
Why this skin outfit cannot be dyed?


Following as id like to know as well. Im using the skin but I really wish I could dye it blue!

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I support this! Please let us dye this skin. Or at least tell us why it is not possible…

Yeah the not dyable skins are baffling to me. I want to dye my founders armor too, but alas, I cannot.


It is just dissapointing to sell not dyeable skins in a game with a dyeing system. And then don’t even mention it in the shop.

Just business there. They kinda force you to buy the crappy 2k crystal gear for dyeing that no1 would touch otherwise.

Then sometime later they’ll make the 2.4ks dyeable and you can buy more RC to get the skin you initially wanted.

Same reason they’re not releasing more skins at launch. Buy everything slowly and steadily.

I wrote the same question in another category, and here’s the answer I got. Looks like the moderators do not even read the text and just answer with copypaste texts


Thanks for sharing the answer you got with us. Even if it is not really satisfying.

There is not even a hint in the shop, that the skin is not dyable… I dont like the red color, so I will probaply never wear it… that sucks :frowning:
If there was at least a hint that the expensive one is dyable I would have bought it probalby but I wont buy it twice… Also I dont really know if I buy it again, it is dyable then…


I would really like an answer to this. The set does NOT say it was not dyeable until you buy it.