Destructive set on a Blue Gunlancer?

Just wondering if this ok to use . I find most groups pick me for my party shields etc, so might as well go for the 6 set bonus. I’m currently set to be more raid support type blue lancer rather than dps. Just wondering if this is just a waste of mats.

That seems like such a massive waste of potential dps man, but i do see the benefit of Destructive set. If you really want to give it a shot, i would say build nightmare first (I think that’s what Blue rangers run, i rolled red lol) before you try swapping. If you can gather up the mats for gear set conversion, then i would get destruction a try. Would hate to try to roll a more support GL relic set, and end up not liking it, just to either re craft a new armor set, or wait till you can convert it

it is on my alt bluelancer so i’m not too fussed. I’m just wondering if valtan and vykass parties would reject me based on what relic set i choose.

also, if any supports have tried it, I would like to hear their experience with it.

the destruction set that stacks endurance ? you need to make ur nellasias energy on less than 10 seconds cooldown so u can stack that endurance.