Details section spazzing out when using skills visual bug (easy to reproduce)

I noticed it first when doing ghost ship and opened the detail section and noticed the section to the right was spazzing out whenever I was attacking stuff in the ghost ship.(make sure to scroll it a bit down (2)
I wanted to see if it happened in the chaos dungeons and it did.Go into chaos dungeon>open detail>scroll a bit down (2) and start killing stuff with skills and you will notice the page for the stats spazzing out.

At first I thought it was my mouse so I changed it and also tried another usb port for good measure to make sure its not on my end.It must be a pretty recent thing because I don’t recall this visual bug ever happen since the game released.

Any CM seeing this?You can even see it happen if you have the details page open (scroll down a bit) by just getting on amount and a quick flicker of the details page happens.

EDIT:maybe too much of a low prio issue since it doesn’t really effect gameplay.