Developers, It's time to make up and be friends again

After today’s gongshow patch (still yet to be determined if it ends), it is clear that the relationship and communication between AGS and Smilegate is strained or not working. Specifically when it comes to exchanging the patch data with each other.
If you are a regular Lost Ark player, you should know that Smilegate RPG in Korea prepares each patch that for our Western Release. Then, they send this patch over to Amazon Game Studios for them implement into our Western client.

I hope you all remember our Mid-June Update? How that went?

So, with seeing how today’s patch issues are still ongoing, i would like to understand what exactly is the issue between these two companies? Was it a botched patch that Smilegate prepared for AGS? Was it AGS making a critical mistake in the upload process? Was it one of the other 50 tin-foil hat theories im sure will or have been posted? (@Roxx this isn’t for you to answer for them by the way, they should be making an official statement about today, not letting you take the brunt of the disappointment)

Personally, i just want you two developing companies to figure it out, get a fluid system going so that this game can still go on strong. It would be a huge mistake if we see another one of these days for the Clown Raid release.