Devs don't care about PvP arena at all

PvP is a smaller part of the game, that doesn’t mean you neglect it.

Your wins and MMR being reset everytime you log off has been an issue since forever, still not fixed. To my knowledge the devs have yet to even once address the issue or make a statement on it.

The timer is broken, what could you have possibly done to make this happen?

You have severely disappointed the PvP community so far and players have quit because of it, lets hope by next week when ranked comes out everything is resolved.

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I mean Gold River himself said PVP was secondary in Lost Ark, expect to always be secondary.

He said in his last livestream (1 or 2 week ago?!) that 2021 was a Pve year and he wants to focus A BIT more on pvp this year and give it a bit of love.

So patience! We’ll get there!


Hey duder, I’m on your side. Hope things get some attention but from the looks of things, there’s bigger fish to fry.

Here’s the general consensus from PvP community.

The MMR system will be fixed when the ranked system is released because it will also release the PvP Menu and normal PvP ranks.

The current MMR system isn’t integrating with anything because the system isn’t released yet. When it’s released, normal MMR will actually have things tied to it, so they’ll all talk to each other and go full circle, enabling both the MMR system / tracking and rewards tied to it.

Right now we have half of a system and it’s not working because it needs the other half.

What PvP community? I see the same handful of people when I do arena and half the players are AFK.