Devs name ONE thing you are doing to battle bots

Devs name ONE thing you are doing to battle bots

I bet you won’t.

VPN ban(kekw)

isn’t that something they already did (and did not work)

I’m not a dev but I can think of one thing which is banning certain countries that their “Business Intelligence” shows as the source of bots and only successing at removing actual players from the game.

…after all steam numbers shows we don’t need a few players from these countries.

They are still letting real players into the game, which kind of bungles up the ques for the bots.

They will never say anything and they shouldn’t. However, they should have done more which they’ve months for to develop a plan for yet they haven’t.

They do the literal lowest effort “fixes” that one developer can do through the AWS ui in 5 minutes.

Nerfing player content… incoming book nerf

Devs aren’t here mate… have you ever seen a dev talk in the forums? CM’s talk here but they can’t exactly speak to what the devs are doing on a daily basis unless they’re told.


They removed the early gold sources, which lead to a major rise in RMT gold prices.

What do you mean? They did whopping TWO THINGS already to combat bots remember? Ban vpn and ban KR ip

They have a big long post on the main page on what they are doing. titled “REGARDING BOTS IN LOST ARK” … maybe you should swing over and give it a read.