DI shadow hunter low dps how to fix?

hi guyz my DI SH is 1505 currenty
grudge/ kbw/ hit master/ Adrenaline/ DI
weapon quality - 50
spec 1590 swift 500
hallucination 4pc lv2
Level 7 dmg and cd of demon skills
my Blood massacre hits for like 12m while my other class of same stats easily hits 20m+ on there big dmg skills. what changes can i make to my character now to get the more dmg?

Get 10/10 gems, get weapon quality up, get more spec on ACCS, but tbh DI is one of the lowest dmg specs in the game, even Perfect Depression is stronger (not bigger hits but really good dps).

If you want to see really big numbers, maybe the class is the problem.

Demonic impulse does have good survivability though. I agreed even with close to perfect gear other classes do outdmg you. I guess giving demonic form tripods or some kind of other buff would be great

There really aren’t that many ways to improve DI damage once you get the rotation down pat.

I guess the one thing that I would say is that your Spec is really low. For relic quality accessories you would want to get at least 1650 spec. I get that it’s “only” 60 spec but that translates to roughly a 6% damage increase. DI are one of the best spec scaling classes so you really want to get that as high as possible. Every 10 spec is roughly 1% damage (it’s technically 11.6 spec but I’m just using napkin math)

Other than that it’s the basic stuff. In order of cost to cheapest to expensive

  1. Get a level 9 gem on both. This is honestly not that much if you play a couple of characters as you can generate 2 level 9 gems in a few months or buy them for about 200k (NAEast).
  2. Higher quality Accessories. I get it sucks you likely put a ton of money into getting what you got but the quality increase really is just that much better.
  3. Get Weapon quality to 65. This is relatively easy to hit. General rule of thumb tho never buy the chaos stones from the shop. Only use stones you generate from raids and you can generally get the stones pretty cheap at the end of auctions now as people just song out rather than waiting.
  4. Strong Bracers. This I cannot ever recommend people to start going for. It’s honestly such a money sink to try and make even a remotely strong bracer. Honestly just get a 90+ spec bracer as a solo or buy a 80/80 Spec/crit/ Bracer for 25k.

Basically because Shadow Hunters don’t need tripods and a lot of gems they can skip alot of the cost of easy power increases and max out their super early. But the downside to that easy cap out is that they have a lower cap than other classes.

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Build is too cheap, Don’t expect much dmg out of it

when you are being cheap on an already cheap build and wonder why dmg is bad

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Hi there, you are also losing a chunk of damage from your awakening due to your hit master engraving.

You need better Quality, you are missing 10%+ damage

Your spec is awfully low, you should be at 1700+

Oh swift demonic, they are known to be inconsistent damage dealers.

lvl 10gems dude

Go spec/crit salvation set. You will always have fixed stack damage as long as you don’t breach that lower than 30% Healthbar.

Hallucination set is not fixed damage it will keep resetting itself. :person_shrugging:

Wait a second…you are complaining about your dmg with SH by comparing the big dmg skills OF OTHER CLASSES with the big dmg skill of your class???

I mean…what?

If you were 10/10 gems for her you woyld still out damage most of the toons in the west untill the rest of the players gets full 10s




and this

DI is double gem spec identity issue class, just like machinist. They both do ‘meme’ damage, get used to it. often picked as alt due to fun gameplay and low gearing cost, but it’s not cheap anymore. I’d just delete it and picked something else instead.

sure if i had 500k gold lying around.
I have tested alot of the suggestions on trixion and dps increase is not really great.
with level 9 dmg gems give my dps becomes 3.4m instead of 3.2m.
Problem with crit/salvation build is it have less crit rate then swift/hallucination and with KBW so how is it less consistent?
only change i cant test is weapon quality and i already blew like 20k gold try to get 50 quality.

I have a 1533 sh 1700 spec etc etc , its not a big number class , its a fun spam class

lvl 10 gems is a 10% dmg increase from lvl 9, in comparison…
lvl 7 - 21%
lvl 8 - 24%
lvl 9 - 30%
lvl 10 - 40% :smiley:


Salvation full lvl 1 sets gives off a full 47% max damage upon full 20 stacks for 1min 20 secs and you don’t lose that stack unless you drop below 30% healthbar or the buffs runs out. In worse case scenario would be like in G3 clown where you get curse and you will have to rebuild that stack. That is why many Smart Demonic Impulse players who goes this route will use their Ultimate at max 20 stack for that maximum damage. You will also see how big of a number your Blood Massacre is at MAX 20 Stacks.
The lvl 2 set adds a 12% increase damage buffs (59% damage).
The lvl 3 set adds a 10% increase damage buffs (68% damage).

Hallucination lvl 1 set last for 120 sec and only gives 25% max damage and 20% crit rate which is like 5% more crit rate than from a salvation DI. Yes salvation don’t give crit rate but we get the 15%+ crit rate from the necklace crit/spec build.
In the long run ancient gear will give more crit as well as ancient bracelets that helps to obtain that extra 5%+ crit rate.

-Hallucination set lvl 2 has a small 2% dmg buffs (29%), 3% crit rate buffs. Within every resets there’s a cool down of 3secs before you can trigger the hallucination buff again same as lvl 1 set. So to think how long a raid goes the damage buffs from the set isn’t that great (20% dmg lost=a lvl 7 gem) compare to salvation, the 3sec cool down will stack up and it will affect how inconsistent your damage is overall.

I use this resource to get my numbers…

Technically it’s roughly an 7.69% damage increase as it’s an increase of 10% effected on a base number.

Basically if a spell did 1mil normally it would do 1.3 mil with a level 9 and 1.4 mil with a level 10. if it was a 10% increase it would deal 1.43 mil.

I think you are underestimating how much of an increase it is especially when you start putting party buffs and other buffs together.

1 change isn’t going to make a huge impact on your dps but all of the changes together will. There is no one magic fix to suddenly boost your dps by 20%. You would get roughly 7.4% from a damage gem and while the cd gem is harder to determine the dps increase for it’s generally considered another 3% at least, around 10% from improving your spec, another 5%-10 from getting a higher weapon and then you gotta consider that alot of these are multiplicative damage increases on other aspects.

Also as far as testing goes Salvation is considered to have a higher ceiling just because of the better stats it gives. You get enough crit from the engraving and adrenaline to get your value from KBW and the raw damage increase from poem is generally considered stronger.

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just buy sidereal weapon and max level

The other thing is that i think SH plays like dps class. You really should have as close to 100% dps uptime as you can and even then other classes should out dps you. DI is known for its cheap, high floor so its always been a “play it if you love it” or “good alt” class.

The PS build generally is better cus higher burst potential if im not mistaken. LA endgame is pretty burst focused cus of buff windows and mechanics.

DI is a troll buils nowdays. Go PS. Its superiour in every aspect

I have no idea why people claim its so bad. Im a living example its not.

I have her on 1445 stealing mvp from 90% of deskaludas and boss rushes i play

Granted, never on raids except for annihilator, but then again, for mvp in raids it takes knowing the raids better (which i dont, yet)

Deskaluda and boss rushes aren’t the best indicators of strength. Deskaluda for 2 parts because it’ll tend to have less optimized players in it so the competition is weaker but also because DI’s weaknesses don’t start becoming apparent until much later in the game.

They are specifically strong for low and mid tier content because they are so easy to get the initial power boosts. Once you get a level 7 cd and damage gem you are basically 70% there in terms of your expected power vs someone else lower on who needs to get 11 level 7 gems to get the equivalent power. You also don’t need to worry about tripods while others have alot of their power locked behind that as well. However once everyone is on an “even” playing field meaning all level 7+ gems and full tripods then DI starts to fall behind more and more and need to compensate with higher level gems. But then once everyone starts getting into the all level 9 gems area the lack of tripod boosting power for DI and other transformation classes really starts to kick in.

Basically in terms of avenues of power, Transformations classes miss out on the potential of Tripods and to a smaller extent gem contributions so they start falling behind when capped. They do have the benefit of having really good spec scaling but we’ve actually capped that out for now until we get elixers.

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