Dialogue with NPCs

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Small question I just started the game just now I just noticed that there is a little thing that bothers me is that when I have a dialogue with a pnj in the game he starts talking but then he stops suddenly and I wanted to know how we manage to put the dialogue so that he continues to speak without having to read everything he says to me

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Thanks, I didn’t know how that would work. But the problem is when I talk to an NPC he answers me at first but then no and after he talks to me more and I looked in the settings but I didn’t see anything that talked about that

If you mean normally, most don’t have anything to say unless you’re at a specific point in a quest. And they won’t repeat themselves. Need to refer to the quest journal for hints, or else abandon the quest and start over (also from quest journal).

Only Rapport NPCs will always be interactable unless they’re on a specific part of a rapport quest and out of their normal position.

I’ve noticed some NPCs that are both quest and Rapport do sometimes get cut off, there’s usually a button on the bottom left of the screen where you choose the ‘topic’ to ask about. The Rapport NPCs can get switched out of quest mode into Rapport mode and sometimes you have to manually switch topics back to the quest.

EDIT: Ok I think I understand now. You mean the AUDIO gets cut off?

As far as I know, they only recorded dialog for the first line. There’s no full voice recording, it will always cut off past about the first sentence.

Unless this is a bug I’ve also been having since install of course :stuck_out_tongue:

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NPCs always say some random greeting or only first line or so unless it’s main story line quest, u gotta get used to it.

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So there is nothing to do to have the audio dialogues with the NPCs. But suddenly I do not understand why to put the beginning but not after. so it is better to put nothing then

I think it’s just how Asian’s RPG games are :slightly_smiling_face: