Did a big bubu on weapon growth supp pack

Hi, is there any chance I can get the shard and destruction pouches back to product inventory please? Didn’t noticed they are bound, its totally my mistake I know, I’ve sent them to my main because why wouldn’t them be roster bound at least in pouch form…thats what I thought.

edit: at least the destruction stones pouch… :pensive:
EUC Brelshaza: they are on Seherazada sorc.

Unlucky, contact support but they usually don’t do anything about these situations

Hi @Romp

Hope you are doing well!

I’m really sorry that you put your shards and destruction pouches out of the product inventory by mistake.

I have to tell you that unfortunately we don’t have the possibility to put back the item once you put it out of the product inventory.

We really appreciate you understanding about it.

Hope this information help you and have a nice day! :wolf: