Did AGS just tease Lost Ark western release - Exclusive skin in the may update?

So i dont know did yall pay attention, but there was skins that are completely unseen in our lost ark, and that was featured in our may patch video, does this mean we will actually get an Western release exclusive skin? If so, that would mean why we wont get KR or RU or JP exclusive skins, because we will get our own?

exclusive skins rarely ever stay exclusive, russia got the japan exclusive stuff and all other regions got russian exclusive skins which were actually the omen skins.

keep in mind RU and JP also get the yearly anniversary skins.

Yes i definitely dont mind, but seeing as every region got their own, we are most definitely getting our own too

Which skin did they tease? If you mean from the video most of them arleady existed from Korea (New year 2019 packages) unless theres another video that im unaware of

There was this angelic destroyer skin when he was solo in the frame, unseen ever before i think, cant find him in the skins anywhere

It might be normal armor looks

Do you mean this one?

Does not look familiar indeed.

The 2 they show after that are from the “Avatar of Dawn” line and are being sold all the time in KR.

Everything else in the video I assume is normal armor looks because they didn’t appear after the “New Skins” title frame.

I do kinda wonder why they didn’t show his release skin, is this red one perhaps replacing it? That would be a shame, his release skin is great in itself. Maybe they’ll surprise us and he’ll release with 4 skins in total. (1 release skin, that red one and the 2 Avatar of Dawn)

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I remember the release skin, its what my destroyer had when KR first released the game. I am not a fan of this skin that they teased. But maybe this skin can be dyed?

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indeed, very mysterious