Did bots take all the available names?

This sucks. I refuse to play the game as Cathrinominomomoala.

What’s the deal? And are we expected to have to pay for name changes once this is fixed?

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Please see this: Update to Character Name Deletion

Nope. People who bought the founders packs got first dibs on all the good names. Me myself managed to get some pretty amazing names because I didn’t have any issues with post launch connection or server ques. A Thesaurus is your best friend when wanting to find a unique name and I promise there are some still out there!

The names are terrible due to the restrictions. Allowing a space or two capital letters would help greatly. It destroys any immersion and I don’t know how to pronounce Gtthdsf.


you have to consider names are region wide. since for example pvp arena is region based. So it cant happen that theres two same char names in arena. Sure i agree that limitation is little bad since on RU server you can put Capital letter in midddle of it, which makes more names somewhat better looking and viable.

I had founders and it was a hot mess day 1