Did challenge guardian raid did not loot... gg

Did challenge guardian raid forgot loot… gg

any word these souls/loot going str8 to mail in the near future or nah. flame away. good night

RIP they do not unfortunately. Just remember next time.

Ohh bro that was not your last time, when you forgot to pick up those orbs, trust me xd

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honestly they really should be sent straight to your inventory without looting the soul. that should be a thing for guardian raids in general not just challenge raids. like imagine disconnecting right after the boss died and you only manage to reconnect after it’s too late? loot should be acquired as soon as the target dies. not by collecting the guardian soul.

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It’s a stupid system. People critize that since release. After every chaos dungeon run, i always run back, to the start of the last stage. Because there are always items, which my pet didn’t pick up. Annoying


The game trains you to not loot with every other contents and yet, they ask you to loot in challenge guardian raid

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I do this atleast 1 time every week. Its annoying AF if you don’t look it shouldn’t consume easy.

Feels bad. I wish they would just make it automatic or mail it to you.

I think this happen at some point for all of us.

yes this. so much this.
they introduces pet to collect all stuff for us at the beginning of the leveling process… and this one end game content somehow didn’t do that.

very annoying