Did Developers run out of naming ideas or why is there a Neria in every town?

I need answers!

Have you done the long ass side quest.

The Neria thing has a meaning, if you end up doing that long-ass quest chain, you’ll see why. It’s intentional.

Probably but imagine reading … it’s not the 18th century anymore lol

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You reading the forums tho.

But only the title and 1 line of the post max. I still need answers btw

Do the side quest :), it’s the developer questline.

I just Google it. Thx 4 nothing

Could have done that earlier instead of making a forum post.

You’re welcome.

Neria was so legendary, she spawned a million knockoffs over the world…

That, or she’s the very first franchise owner in Arkesia. Something like a medieval Starbucks