Did ebony cube also replaced boss rush and cube kr as well?

did this change just happening in the west or boss rush and cube also removed in the KR version as well?

why dont you guess :slightly_smiling_face:

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It was removed around 2 months ago.

So it isn’t something to solve West problem, so probably changes on daily if they ever come true it may come in KR first than later for us.
I’m kinda in favor of what Asmongold had said, if the KR like the way it’s is let be the way it is there and change for us.

I do not. I did make a thread about it people should give up on tryto westernize this game and go play something else there is literally a full market for you go play gw2 wow or something else I also like to things way it is.

Play 8h + a day or pay tons of money that not everyone have. People have work, want to watch some movies/tv show, do other things, be able to play other game for a while without losing progress on Lost Ark.

This is what i’m against, so i’m in favor of some changes like reducing the Dailies to 1 a day instead of 2. I don’t like much the 1 character gain x6 rewards, that kill all the grind and the main content of the game but i’m in favor of be able to clear the raids 6 times in the same characters instead of the alt.

I tried to look for another game that don’t require a good PC (Isometric games don’t require much) with also having good graphics, that i can play as a support, that have huge variety of skins, that i can buy skins in the market by grinding the game currency, that have a housing system.

Yeah, there isn’t one. The only problem i have is the double daily that is only there to waste time, other thing i said above that i would be very happy is to be able to repeat the raid in the same character, but just reducing in daily is good enough.

It’s an older change in KR that is coming to NA/EU, not exclusive to us

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Wow & FF14 dont have much reuiremnts too but have a paywall. But if u manage in wow an amount of gold each month u can just buy a WoW token with Gold and pay your monthly sub.

I have 12 Chars i do only with Main 6 Roster CD dayli i like CD so it doesnt bother me (Betrayel and Premetive Strike OP).

GR i do how i feel sometimes i use on one Char from Gold Roster Stronghold and sometimes i wait until they have Full Rested.

Unas i do only then they have 3 Rested. So round about all 2 or 3 days.

With the other 6 chars (loopang slaves) doing then only CD if im bored and like i says Loopang ofc but only if they have 3x rested.

And my Gold Roster is 1540+.

Yes i play since release. But i have friends they do the same way. I have mates they startet on AYAYA release and now they have atleast 1 Char 1490-1540.

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what paywall you’re blabbing about in wow ? idk about ff14, but u mean the measle 10$/month sub ? you literally compare that to the predatory casino/gacha that are kr mmorpgs ?

I’m still waiting for many of you who pumped their chests to be f2p with 6x 1560 roster to post their steam transactions history. hopefully in discord at least

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13€ Monthly Sub in WoW and FF14 have the same after u done the Trial.

What exactly do u wana archive u cant see if the player buy Gold/Pheons/Skins/Pets etc?

Ok if its not a “paywall” what is it called? U need to pay monthly to play. If u are New u never get the Gold to buy F2P the Monthly Sub?

Delusional? This is how i call a sub fee “paywall”.

LA P2W? Yes? No? Maybe? If someone decide to buy Gold/Mats/Pheons/BC only through € its there decision. But it doesnt mean u cant archive End Game only by Swiping. Thats delusional.
Do u even play the game?

I’ve achieved endgame in wow by simply playing and paying the 10$ sub for the past 3 expansions, by endgame i mean full hc raids and almost full mythic raiding on all past 3 expansions and +20 m keys. In lost ark all I’ve bought was the premium road pass with 10$ so thats 30$ cuz we had 3 seasons yet. Where that got me ? 1 main 1540, 2 1490, and barely struggling to get the next 3 to 1490 so i can have a full 6 roster at least 1490+, but i can’t cuz i’m broke.

So yeah, you live in a fairy tale full of lies and frustration that the game you probably invested shit ton of $$$ is crumbling away and like many other whales hang on a thread on every glimer of hope you can find to defend your actions. but deep down you know what you’re playing and whats happening. The five stages – denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance

Stoopz is really bored of the game he is making outrageus demands and I was dumb thinking he is on my side of this argument halfway through his video facepalm you really need to see this game as game and not wory about losing “progress” I am a physics student at collage last semester I literally did not play the game for the entire semester. Some times your life gets full social life school work or family you don’t get to spend so much time in the game and thats ok right now my collage went into a online education I have plus 4 hours to dedicate to this game in week days weekend it is much more and I am glad I have this game to kill my time with. I might be not log into this game after august depending on the school but I will not be demanding any thing like thining out content or some sort of catch up system. I like this game as grindy good looking good effects game and I hope to came to the same game when I return. It is ok to not to play everyday game shouldn’t accomodate to your schedule you should change the way you look at it because as I saidat the post “I hope devs do not give in to streamers demand” I say this again when you have air conditioner you set the conditioner for the hottest guy in the room the rest can wear clothes the hopttest guy can’t walk around naked. if you thin out content we will not have anything do do expecially from sunday to tuesday where everysingle raid has been done and only thing to do is dailies literally I can’t play more than 3 hours at tuesday because there is nothing to do.

How much time u invest Weekly by this if u call M+ 20er runs and Mythic (almost clears)

How many raid days + hours?
How many M+ runs + hours?

How many time u invest in CD? GR ? Una? U sayd 3 Ark Passes so i gues u play almost release time.
What did u do all them time?

First im a realist. So what u sayd dont even bother me. Since i dont feel that way how u describe. Calling me a whale without any evidence its funny thanks.

Are u one of the player the trys pushing weapon > armory and then complain “where are my gold / mats etc”?

How many Boss Rush tickets you have? I did the past 3 weeks bevor HM Brell release over 700 BR Runs and Sold the Gems to get my Chars ready. These Tickets have Value to. ( yes BR are boring Af but Netflix and Chill or watching Streams was oke)

U talking about Mythic Raider and +20 keys u cant archive this in a casual way. And by smacking your own roster in LA i dont belive your WoW story.

Monthly Sub is a no for me, i’m from South America we are kinda cheapo here because everything is in Dollar that is x5 more expensive for us. Imagine you have to pay 350 dollars for the standard edition of Diablo 4, thats is what feels like for us.

I played WoW a little when the added the Token (in Warlords of Draenor), i was a total noob doing the past expansions, so i made a rough calculation and after doing all the raid solo i barely made enough within the month to buy the token for another month. Stopped playing after i spent days looking for a group for a raid on Warlords of Draenor then i got kicked by low DPS (total noob and i didn’t discovered that i liked being support yet)

I was going to start playing only the free version of FF14 even though the graphics isn’t that good (still decent), but then i can’t buy skins from the market and it seems the market isn’t available for the free version? Not sure, not being able to buy the skins even thought it didn’t seem to have huge variety of styles was a no for me.

mhm so u are looking for games like LA F2P install and play.

The only thing what have i in mind would be POE2 but idk then its release. Have u tryd PoE ?

Or you need to wait for New Games to price reducitons like Summer/Winter Sales BDO was few weeks ago for free people that did this on that time got the game for free. Black Friday sometimes even New games have price reductions but it stil few months away.

FF14 Trial is round about 300hours gameplay if u do story etc.

If you don’t think you can be F2P with a full roster at 1560, then you are probably not very good at the game

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Don’t need to be F2P, can be buy to play but not with monthly sub like WoW and FF14. I played Black Desert for 3~4 Years that is buy to play (even though they give free a lot of the time), but D4 price is just absurd here.

I didn’t play PoE much, i was one of those who got scared by the skill tree and fleed the game, i did think on starting playing but if i’m not wrong it also couldn’t sell skins on a market and i think the only free ones was like 1 per season.

I swear someone contact asmongold / other streamers or post this on reddit to give this guy a cold shower of reality check
its amazing how people like him can freely speak out they nonsense without getting roasted to oblivion

1560 is not that difficult if you played every day

To make assumptions claiming that you have to swipe to get 1560 is ridiculous

That’s assuming every player played like the lazy players.

Full Roster is doable…

Forget it. Majority on here skip chaos dungeons/guardian raids, brel gate 5+6 and probably a ton of content so they wouldn’t understand.

It’s the same people that think you need to be 1580+ to clear Brel Hard Mode because they do no damage even with gear