Did everyone get compensation?

Hello, My Characters name is Akumarain , NA east Una.
maybe I have to relog but i checked for compensation of the pheons and I didn’t receive any.
is anyone else having the same issue?

Im on galatar east and i as well did not recieve my compensation package. Im confused. I checked my product inventory and there is nothing in there.

EDIT: I relogged and thats fixed the problem for me

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yep, same. I just relogged too looks like I recieved nothing

Hey @amekanji and @TheGankanator21 hope both of you are doing great!

I’m sincerely sorry you folks did not receive the rewards. it was an error on our part and our team decided to do a make good gift due to the error, in this case you can check the following link and be aware that our team is currently working on it:

As well to remind everyone experiencing this situation, the rewards only apply if you did claimed the pheons from your mail. Hope it’s helpful.

Thank you for the reply! I received it after the stores maintenance was over :smiley:

Hey @amekanji hope you’ve been doing awesome and it’s great to hear to you got the reward!

Remember you can contact us for any other doubt or issue you may have with the following link:

Wish you a nice day!