Did I miss the weekly reset issue?

Did I miss it in the patch notes or is it fixed this week?

It has not been fixed. It has been delayed again.

Unfortunately we just received word today that the fix is not yet ready for a deploy to live, so it will not be a part of tonight’s update.

We didn’t expect any different at this point. But thanks for confirming it.

see you in Akkan when it finally get fixed KEKW


They will fix it, the same time they fix the disconnect issues. Once it comes to the gold shop for 20k royal crystals. “the fix is going to be released on the 18th” > “it is delayed” it never changes, and smilegate and ags honestly dont care about the players.

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Small update, there is additional work being done ahead of the update and things are looking more plausible for a release. We’ll let players know if this goes live.

Following last night’s update, timers are now fixed. However, compensation for this issue has not been delivered yet. We are getting a list and data on all impacted players and will send it out as soon as we can.

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