Did i set my auto dismantle incorreclty?

I’ve set my auto dismantle, but everytime i do argos, it doesn’t dismantle it. Haven’t checked guardians 1445 +. Anyone know if bug or what?

Auto-dismantle only work with items dropped on the floor (e.g. Chaos Dungeons, Guardian Souls).

Argos loot (and many other raid loot) directly spawn on your inventory, thus auto-dismantle doesn’t affect them.


Yeah it’s very painful :sweat:

The auto-dismantling could use a QoL pass for sure.

I do not trust this system its not working properly i believe
My guildmate tested it for 7 days and he got 0 drops from chaos and guardians which is simply impossible

That sounds like they just set the settings wrong or too strict lol. It’s probably just dismantling everything

it depends how you set it up

It’s called lazy implementation

Thanks a bunch for helping this user.

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