Did multiboxing are now the meta for gear up fast.?

if multibox was againt’s tos why you guys never ban them.? (cuz they are using 3rd software) @Roxx @Shadow_Fox ?



lol it’s been running around for month and month… they just never ban the one who multiboxing, but it worth to try if you have nothing to lose… imagine using 10 char on twisting 100% you will got legendary map and higher chane for relic map, from betting you will got 2k in total raw gold.

umm what’s multiboxing? I’m not a computer nerd and don’t know wth that is.

This is not multiboxing. Those are 3 brothers playing together.

it’s like you playing a lot of acc at the same time… but get help from software since you can’t do that manualy on steam( when you want to logout you need to exit the lost ark)… after that you need to sync all of the acc so when you press right click the other will follow what you are doing.

basicly it’s advantage if you have good hardware than other @Roxx

basically this. You do the tripple damage and get tripple rewards

for is multiboxing was againt’s tos on lost ark … idk about that, but on WOW if you do multiboxing with 3rd software that’s was easily bannable cuz the multiboxer will easily destroy economy and got more loot= more advantage to them than someone who want play fair and not using 3rd software , if they never got ban i can’t answer that… prob @Roxx the one who can answer cuz i see those also for like 1 month seem’s like nothing happen to them.

i think ags won’t ban them since they are not making massive trouble like making server queue… they only making trouble only for small player who running t2 chaos gate cuz raw gold you got will be smaller since they using 17 char/1 chaos gate when up, cuz they are not hiding anymore .

i don’t think that was multiboxer cuz they always have same pattren when walking

from the start always going to that spot or the other side

and going to that area before las boss

idk if that’s was the purpose for gathering all you char to 1 or what, but you guys will feel the impact of t3 bot right.? all honning math price will be hela cheap so we can gear up so fast LOL. @Roxx

it is multiple computers, 1 keyboard, and 1 mouse, the keyboard and mouse signals are send to all the computers, the mouse moves the cursor identically on all the computers, so all characters across the computers will move and do same attack identically. It is like you are moving X number of characters together, and when attack they all attack. Generally to get this do work, usually it is the same character class across, so it is easier to have identical movement distance.

ok i guess if you guys want to ban them @Roxx this is the right time cuz u can’t do special express misson as new char right now


It is against TOS. Just report and move on.

i have been reporting for 3 weeks seems like ags doesn’t care about it right @Roxx @Shadow_Fox?

Is are why how do too though?

you need to buy multiwindow 3rd party software, since u can’t do manualy with steam… or use a lot of pc and sync them all.

running around for 3 weeks ++ what a game even they are betting for map LOL @Roxx @Shadow_Fox where is your captcha dude seems like dosen’t work to them.???

nothing have to say instead of “they just dosen’t care about T3 BOT” @Roxx

ok if those are 20 bot and 10 legit player holy moly that’s prob the best gold making… assume that they have 200 acc for running chaos gate it’s 10 hour, assume they all got blue map wich mean 1 people can get 4 pouch/rotation, so the price of pouch right now are 75g/pouch so 75x4=300g, 300gx200=60k gold/day minimum WOW… @Roxx @Shadow_Fox