Did not know engraving books would be un able to trade to a friend if bought off the market

just spent about 18k gold to help out my brother not realise i wouldnt be able to trade these and i have no plan to make this class later on so just wasted gold down the drain it was cheaper for me to buy them all for him instead of sending him gold and getting taxed 5% would of been nice to see when looking at the books it should say not tradable cus as of right now when you look at it on the market they in fact still show tradable when looking at them and no where it says you cant it would be a nice change if they where in fact tradable that way you could at least resell it if you did mess up

Troll post? What does it say on the picture you linked from ah? Can be traded (how many times)?

see it positive, atleast you do not get banned now for helping out your “brother”.


you’re not wrong

the way the AH works and how something are tradeable and somethings that are THE SAME THING are not tradeable is goofy af

everyone gets burned by it at least once. i was trying to buy something for a friend instead of just sending him the money bcuz he’s not … that smart… and not only would we lose 5% on the gold trade he might get the wrong thing

well when i got it, it wasn’t tradeable anymore

so yeah. fun times

i guess i’m “not that smart” too

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What are you talking about? It says it can be traded 1 times! So if you buy it you take 1-1… how is that goofy? It also says when you buy it that the item will be bound…

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It literally says untradable upon purchase on the main window