Did not pickup drops from Gratitious Reward Chest at Kalhertz

I opened a Gratitious Reward Chest from freeing a prisoner and saw that inside it was the token as well as what appeared to be at least 4 recruit papers as well as some other junk. Nothing was picked up and nothing went into the inventory. Chest gone. No token. Items didn’t show being picked up in system log. Had inventory room on pet. Would love these items or chest returned to me. Thanks.

NIce response. 2nd issue posted with nothing. I assume it’s an inventory management issue since the quest dumps 10 items into your inventory and we’re supposed to predict that and clear out all the junk you get in this game. The support for this game is poor.

Same thing just happened to me. Do we need to file a ticket? I had over 20 clear inventory spots so I don’t believe that was the issue.