Did not receive rewards for Naruna Hot Springs (Hard) clear

I cleared Naruna Hot Springs (Hard) after clearing the normal dungeon first and did not receive a chest for clearing the hard mode. I think the boss fight (Seto) was glitched because I killed him during his transformation phase and he was at 0 hp for around 10 seconds. I am sure I did not receive the rewards because I checked the system logs and inventory. I don’t know if clearing again would get me my rewards since I already have the achievement unlocked in my adventure tomb.

I am on NA East Azena server, character name is Booshet

I just cleared it I have the same issue. Just to be sure I cleared hard mode again but unfortunetly no loot at all. Is there any solution for this?
I am on Eu Central Kadan char name Morinkushi

This happened to me too, there is no where to file a support ticket either. Looks like we’re out those 6 leapstones and 4500 shards. BIG SAD.