Did Not Receive Second Power Pass

Hello, I have read that after using the first powerpass from completing the Vern story we are supposed to receive a second one in our inbox. I unlocked and used my first powerpass yesterday, however I still have not received a second one after more than 24 hours in my inbox. Is this normal, or is there no longer supposed to be a second?

Hi @lukevb123, welcome to the forums! :wave:

Sorry to hear about this issue with not receiving your second power pass.

In this case the best course of action would be to :pencil2: Contact Us through a live channel in order to get this escalated.

It’s preferable to do so through a live channel since it will require some diagnostics files, and it’s better not to post these in the forums.

By the way, can you confirm if you completed the adventurer’s path for the character you used the first pass on?

Thanks, hopefully this can get resolved quickly.