Did not receive Silver Founders Pack

I did not receive my silver founders pack and I need to receive it before the deadline tomorrow in order to get the extra rewards. I did not come at all. It’s not in my inventory or anywhere and I bought it on steam. What do I need to do to retrieve it before then?

Server: Aldebaran
Character: Asamati

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Not a fun experience.

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I agree and it’s very annoying to have to go through this.

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Hello @PrettyandPetty ! Hope you are doing great today! :mage:

Welcome! We are glad to have you here! Thank you for posting into our forums!:sparkles:

I’m sorry to hear that you bought the Silver Founders Pack and you haven’t got your in-game items yet, we wan’t our players to have the best time possible in Arkesia and we surely don’t want this kind of issues to happen.

There has been official communication regarding the late deliveries of packs and Crystalline Auras on the game due to the heavy traffic that the servers are experiencing right now, you can see it here: Regarding the In-Game Store & Product Inventory

We very much appreciate your patience as they are looking for a fix!

See you in Arkesia!:rabbit2::leaves: