Did Not Recieve Argos Gold (1472.5 GS)


I just ran Argos on my 1472.5 bard and received loot but no gold. I only noticed after I had completed the dungeon that my gold total did not change. Is there a way to confirm this? My gold earning icon on my character select screen has a check, and my understanding is that as long as my character is not 1475, I would still receive gold from Argos.

Server: Avesta NA East
Character: Aeroynn

with the release of kakul the ilevel restriction for argos has been applied , 1475 you lose argos since you will have now valtan and the legion raids

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As @Kiyoshi mentioned in the recent updates the item level restriction for argos dungeon has been applied and this will not give gold when you completed since you are 1472 of item level.

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Hi Kagami!

Just curious but what is the GS cutoff for Argos gold now? If it is 1475, I still should have received gold as a 1472? I received gold last week on her as a 1472. My apologies if I am misunderstanding.

Thank you!

1472.50 is still able to get gold. At 1472.50 you don’t have access to clown yet. The cut-off is 1475.

Did you see how much gold was received in chatbox? It should say something like You received gold (x the amount of gold) among with other loots.

One possibility is the gold gain is too minimal (2700) and if you have like 100k+ you can easily overlook and misremember it.