Did not recieve weekly crystal pack after purchase

character name: Xuanxuan
Server: Una

The royal crystal was successfully deducted but did not receive the pack, have enough inventory spaces, the weekly count still shows 1/1.

I have the exact same problem like an hour ago, the game ate my 4500 royal crystal

Also happened to me. Around the same time. I submitted a ticket with Amazon. They replied saying Steam handles in-game purchases. Went to Steam and they say Amazon handles in-game purchases.

For reference:
Character: Lannbais
Server: Bergstrom

Made purchase, game said could not be processed because in-store storage was full. Did not get the crystals, still took my Royals.

As a side note to the OP. You didn’t have enough space. You need two spaces, one for the base crystal purchase and one fore the bonus crystals from the weekly.

Had the same exact problem as everyone mentioned. Submitted a ticket with Amazon.

Attempted to purchase the package twice but due to a lack of inventory space, lost 9k Royal Crystals and did not receive any weekly crystal package.

Hopefully they will come a resolution soon.

I have the exact same problem, I also tried double purchase after giving some slots to my reserve but without success.

-9K royal crystal aka almost 100€

Happend to me aswell, in my case i messaged live support. The guy told me he can’t help me but will forward it to people that can and they will message me back. I have yet to hear from them, but its holidays soooo i guess i play the waiting game.

I live chatted with the customer support, they helped me submit a ticket saying their tech department is currently looking into this issue and will respond via email when they have a solution.

Will update when problem is solved.

well, make sure there is enough free space in your inventory, 49/50 is not enough, you need 2 slots, one for the original crystal amount, one for the bonus

Hello everyone!

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Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us, I apologize for the inconvenience you are having with the purchase you made.

In this case the best thing to do is contact live support in order for them to check your purchase and investigate why you didn’t receive the crystals, if needed they will be escalating your case and our devs will take care of your issue.

Let me know how it goes! :mage: