Did not recieved my second Power Pass because it's locked in another server

I reached level 50 on Feiton (SA Server) and then changed to Yorn, so I could play with my friends. Then, as I reached 50 on Yorn too, I only recieved a single Power Pass in each server, altough I didn’t use it on the Feiton server, would it be possible to claim both of them on Yorn?

Hello @Knop;

In this case,you can claim 2 power pass per region, it means that you can use the power pass in any of the servers within that region. So, you can claim your power pass in Feiton and use it in Yorn so that you can use both of your power pass in Yorn.

Thanks for your report! :slight_smile:

If it’s region-wide, we should be able to activate both power passes on any server of the same region. Not both of them locked on a server.
My 2nd power pass is called “Trixion Power Pass” and it is locked to the SERVER, not the REGION.
This is either missinformation or a bug.

Ok, thanks for that information.

I’m really sorry about this issue. In this case can you give me your character name so that I can escalate this to the devs to see how can we fix this.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

As i explained on another topic related to this one, i claimed both of my powerpass on Trixion because :
-for the 1st i just wanted to change my main class.
-for the 2nd because of all the servers issues and queues i decided to join my friends on Beatrice.

Server : Trixion
Characters : Kwzprtt, Kwzprttt and Kwzprtttt

Server : Beatrice
Characters : Kwzprttttt and Kwzprtttttt

I still have hope for this game, don’t let us down :cry:

As @Kwzprtt said, that’s exacly the problem, the power pass it’s locked to the server, if you can change the Pass to Yorn server or use it on my character: Kchute on Yorn Server i would appreciate it.