Did people forget?

Did people forget AGS is a publisher of Lost Ark and not developers? Publishers are responsible for the business portion of the video game (advertising, marketing, etc.) whereas developers make the game happen (updates, changes, etc.). Even though AGS are publishers they probably have a voice in what they want which is why there’s more minority representation in NA version compared to KR and how they also removed honing announcement to not discourage F2P from FOMO.

What am I trying to say?

Seeing too many threads asking for outlandish changes that fixes issues like botting, RMT, etc, so understand that AGS probably has 0 intellectual property for Lost Ark which means that they don’t have executive decision making powers for what gets changed, added or removed from Lost Ark. AGS can only articulate ideas to Smilegate and pray that they send out exclusive updates and patches that are catered towards non KR regions.


Fight planes, tanks commercial automobile configured differently for each country.
Programs used for big companies the same.
Amazon pay the money and can configure the program in whatever it likes it.


What does it matter?

They publish this game, and put their name on it.

The Customer doesn’t care who exactly is at fault for their faulty product!
If they can’t handle publishing this game, they should give away the rights to someone else, or something…

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IMO Smilegate would have been better off not going through AGS and creating an NA Smilegate group company, but that costs a lot of money (building HQ, hiring staff, etc.). More cost effective to have AGS take care of introducing LA to NA without having to actually break ground in NA.

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Yes, kind of…

But the result is that they totally axed LAs reputation in just 3 months…

I don’t see how this is supposed to ever have a comeback!

Can’t argue with that, the South Vern bug has lead me to believe AGS has 0 developers on standby to fix bugs. Can’t forget about the daylight savings fiasco that botched almost every time based event.

Would they though? IMC did this and no matter how bad you think Lost Ark is doing it doesn’t hold a candle to Tree of Savior. Nexon and NCSoft are both financially successful but they’re both some of the most lambasted companies in the entire MMO industry. Gravity has been a joke for decades. Pretty much the only KR company I can think of that remotely published successfully and with their reputation mostly intact is Pearl Abyss with Black Desert.

It’s reputation would be gone in 3 months anyways with any publisher as a big chunk of complaints are part of the original design.

Alt intensive, p2w, boring chores, FOMO would still exist if they dropped all because people want everything spoonfed. RNG. Honing.

Would be the same story.

Amazon Games has a say in changes to our version. They have had things changed in our version.

They have not been good changes.


AGS has said previously they have 0 developer on this project.

Saying this game has been developped is an insult to the gaming industry. Minecraft mod would have been 10 times better than this pile of garbage of a game.

AGS has NO developers working in Lost Ark, it’s been stated several times.

(EDIT: That’s totally normal tho)

So… What is AGS in this partner ship then because I definitely haven’t seen any marketing, advertising, etc. at all. I’ve seen some post launch stuff from them like their academy video that came out a week after the may patch. And I suppose technically dropping a road map a week before hand as a text dump is sort of marketing… But not really sure where they are doing much of anything a publisher does. The one thing they are doing is localization and while I wont say translating 1 language to 5 is easy there’s a lot of glaring issues that should have never made it past QA.


Translation is done by Lionbridge. They basically just outsource it…

I stand completely corrected then! So, ignoring localization evidently what does AGS do again?


Bro, why TF do you care what AGS is and is not, they are our interface trough the game we yell at them, they react. Simple as that.

Who cares what they do and do not do in reality. They provide the product, the product is defective. They should manage this or lose customers. Shit they should be happy us Stockholmers are asking for a fix not simply moving on.


There are definitely some Lost Ark ads on Twitch, Youtube and such…

They run the Servers and hunt some Whales!

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June and July will be a telling time as to whether we were “heard” or not and as to whether AGS actually has influence to get what the community desires or cares what the community desires.

Hope this helps.