Did SG abandon west version?

Well after 8 months in the game, doing daily stuff, i have a feeling that we get zero communication and no patches at all for last 2 months. KR got tripods and also new balance patch. Of course we want those changes asap. But no info even after months.

Also class staling is a dangerous thing and has driven a lot of players away from the game.

The inflation will keep new players , that want to be “f2p”, away, because they cant afford to buy pheons to buy accessories.

Worst state of the game so far , bots are multiplying daily, RMT everywhere. It looks like SG and AGS has given up the fight and let the game to die overtime.




Nice you play this game longer then EU/NA have it.

Joke aside.

We get the Patches faster then KR version. Only because of 1% of the players are overgeared it doesn’t mean that we have „lack of updates“

The normal player need time to catch up to the hardcore gamers with 2k+h a full roster 1460+ and so on.

To the Bot/Price/Communication problems I don’t say anything here since we have multiple topics about that already.


game is here from 08.02.2022 , so its more than 8 months mate.


Summoner waiting room…2023

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Sorry for your bad maths. 08.02.2022 + 8 Months is the 08.10.2022.

And as I said:


Why would they abandon western version? The game is still popular and have at least 100K real players daily. It won’t change till Diablo 4 release. But only if it is not a p2w crap like Diablo Immoral.


KR get a “big” patch every 2 weeks, a NEW class every 3 month.

We have some things faster than expected, but it’s a lie saying we have things faster than KR, when in fact, our current path was the same than KR before clown, and clown is late if we compare to KR.

I have 2 guildmate playing like this, they’re gonna have 3 character ready Kakul on the 2nd week, on my side, i have 3 character “main”, 1 1490, 1 1460, 1 1445.

Don’t need to be hardcore gamer to be kakul ready, our support got less than 1K hour (he’s 600 to be exact), and he’s kakul ready since a month.


how long korea was w8 for akkan raid? year? idk whats wrong with u every server have a delay between patches from original and ours get everything kinda fast…but u asking for brand new korean update that just go live at korea, i mean whats wrong with u? :clown_face:


1 year between Abrel & Akkan.

Introducing many classes, Rowen, Elgacia, islands, Esther weapon.

It’s not like they got nothing.

But we’re just a late copy of their version, it’s legit that you don’t want to wait for the popular version of the game, when you just have the trash version.

If ppl had choice between EU/NA, and open KR, they would chose KR, even with the ping.


yea but we get new content every 2 monthes is that too long? (i agree with u that we can get other classes faster, but everything beside that is fine from my point)

can’t tell you what it really is.

But for me, it’s too short tbh

I would gladly sacrifice one or two month of legion raid to get all the classes.

Brel Legion Raid: 7/28/2021

Artist Class: 1/12/2022

Aeromancer Class: 7/6/2022

Akkan Legion Raid: 8/24/2022

They had more than 1 year without a new Legion Raid and almost 6 months between the classes.
I agree that they could release classes faster here since class is not content, but if they release the Raids faster it will just get us to the same point as KR. People are goint nuts with no content for 3 months, imagine a year.


well vykas was june 30. So it would be 3 months. And treating classes as content is just dumb.


Fact is, that we do get the Patches faster then released in Korea.
But does the idea behind that pace (to keep players ingame) work out?
I dont think so.
Most players already left (1.1mio), barely anyone of them will return for anything coming up in the Future of LA.
I personally was waiting for the summoner. But there is not even a eta of that class, and I think, that after 8 Months and far beyond 2k hrs playtime, even if they release it today, it is too late. I saw every corner of this Game and I cant imagine playing another 1k hrs, just for a new class. The content is the same and a release of my wishclass wouldnt keep me away from quitting in the next days.

Cool, have a good one.

1 year half a month Brel > Akkan
4 month Sorceress > Ayaya

i mean yes but u shouldnt get new legion raid every 2 months, and beside classes u get some new weekly/daily stuff and events.

alot of people still not ready for kakul, and who was ready can have time to prep their roster and build some bank, it’s much better than a race, but it’s me, for sure some people prefer rush all content since they playing almost whole day and already have 2800 hours+, i am glad that i can hone my main to 1490 and build my roster to 1430 while w8 for new content, if we was rushing i wasnt able to do all of this since i skiped 2 months of game from start and have a job :< and there alot of us

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Just a little grammar correction. The comma comes before “away” - not after.

That’s the thing.

They got the hype, that’s why there was this many people, in the end they didnt do ANYTHING with this hype.

And the bad side of a hype this big, is that like you said, 1,1m ppl played this game, and the game left a bad impression on every single ppl that left, and every single bad impression is a player that isnt coming back.

What make ppl come back is “good surprise” or “good communication”, they don’t want to do any of these 2, why would people come back ?

Summoner is a class that was out in the beta, not OUR beta, but the beta of the game, a class that was presented in 2013 and… we can’t play it on the biggest version.
That’s pretty cringe.