Did someone say 12h maintenance

Who are you and how did u read the future?

This is the latest server status update



“Today’s maintenance will be extended for an additional hour while we struggle to get the game to launch again.”

Next up will be

“We are reverting the patch and extending the maintenance another 4 hours while we roll everything back and hope the game launches again”


hope they add the full korean gold nerf in the next extension

Isn’t this game on steam? Don’t you people have other games to play too? Try doing a game of Dome keeper

it was expected tbh. not surprised but hey, i’ll wait however long for ayaya


well… I guess ill take it :frowning:
not the same as denyin artist but still some fun
was fun seeing people having mental breakdown over a game though, this community never fails
sad @Celin got banned, yo man if you see this make a new account dont leave me here

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I really jinxed it guys, no update today.

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Imagine for 1 year every update (not standart weekly maintenances) is delayed and takes more than +5-6 hours and it becomes a norm for people to say that it was expected. Never seen this sh*t literally any where else in this world

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It’s reset day is like black friday lol. I neither want a miss chance to buy cheap meta engraving books.

So how many more hours are we waiting for the servers to come up? :slight_smile:

6 hours

I’m playing Against the Storm.

That doesn’t mean you can’t still keep an eye on current events here :stuck_out_tongue:

Plus we’ve all learned from the past exploit early, exploit often. Gotta be ready to get online asap to find out what they broke to take advantage of it

24h maintenance let’s goooo


Celins Artist Censorship threads :joy:


This is what happens when you get the build a couple of days before the live patch and you don’t use a fucking private test server to check that everything is ok.

AGS really doesn’t want to work on testing builds they get from SG, it’s already been proveed with past issues (like the new tickets missing from the bloodstone shop for example).

This is the second time something like this has happened, the studio deserves to be torn down and rebuilt with competent staff.

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wait celin got banned ?? Why ?

You haven’t been playing the last years then.
10+ hours on maint + delays were a normal occurance… hence sometimes they needed a 24hr delay lmao.

was jokingly saying something about someones mom

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