Did someone test Destroyer in PvP

I still didnt had a chance to test Destroyer in pvp, but i am curious for opinions of people which tested it. How it feels?

Thanks in advance.

Brother, he’s unstoppable

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hehe is he? cant wait to test it out tomorrow…

Well i don’t think the developers tested him. Because he is absolutely op. Does 60k dmg at least every matched i played with/against him in Team-Matchups. Sometimes over 100k. While being hard to kill at the same time. Also he can one shot me with 2 of his skills (arty).

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and yet he is the 2nd worst rated char lol… or well maybe not quite 2nd now… also one shot with 2 skils… He is tanky, does ok damage and has a lot of SA. But his major flaw is that its near impossible to apply his damage without some team setup or a major fuckup for the enemy.

Thanks for the for the info guys, i will test it today

Pretty much this. He’s honestly very strong in terms of what he CAN do in PvP, but it takes teamwork. If he does get going though, your team is gonna get rolled.

I played him a lot whole day and he is beast. I only can’t do anything vs Glaviers, they smashed me.

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I am leveling mine i will be able to do pvp with him tomorrow

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dystro is more broken then db+pld together its funny how they nerf all suport in pvp but db is in same op mode

destro is one of the worst classes in pvp, calm down

Stun out of his whirl and he isn’t too scary

DB is a pub stomper

if you are missing 2 brain cells to rub together then i can see why you might think that

Can we please not turn every topic in toxic one please, everybody is allowed to have an opinion if you dont agree with it you can express that in much better way. Thank you for understanding in advanse.

im 2300 mmr player and after pld bard nerf (we lose tons of our shields) class like DB/SH/dystro/zerk are extremly broken

support lost shields?

yes tons of them , we lose 30% + of our shields

this patch show how they are dump nerf all of the suport class to make deathblade god monster broken class

when did they lose shields as shields didnt get nerfed… Only DR was nerfed.