Did the math on the Black Friday Deals so you Don't have to

So quick preamble shit. I’m pricing royals and blue crystals off of the $ value of buying RC at the 100$ bundle with tax coming out to about 108$ for 12000. That comes out to each Royal Crystal being worth about $0.009 with that buying the best value Blue Crystal Bundle which is 3600BC for 8000RC you get 1$ is 50bc

Second note, I have no idea how to price the “Value” of the black caped skins. That will have to be up to you to decide.

9700 RC Bundle Excluding Skins- $87.30

  • Pheons x160 - $27.20
  • 1600 BC - $32.00
  • Dye kit x10 - $16.00 (assuming it is 10 in each so 100 total)
  • 3+1 Card Pack Bundle - $24.30
  • 2x Punika Growth Pack - $18.00
  • Misc Bombs, Solars and Unas based things - $20.50. Using maris we can get a value but it’s HEAVILY inflated because mari prices just aren’t great. I am actually going to not count this in the evaluation cause it’s so shit.

Total- $117.50 Excluding skins and Misc items.

So if you want to look at it in a value to value basis it’s actually pretty good with the skin. Keep in mind that the $ evaluation ONLY works if you would buy the bulk of these things with $$$ in the first place so judge it on that.

Also since it’s easy

Pack 2 (6000 RC - $54.00)

  • 400 Crystals - $8.00
  • 60 Peons - $10.20
  • 2x Card Pack Bundle - $48.60
  • 2x Punika Growth - $18.00

Total - $84.80


I will say tho the 1000 Crystal bundle at the bottom is a great value. I would recommend buying that one no matter what. It’s basically a Punika Growth pack with a ton of extra shit.

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I dare to say each skin pack is 2000 RC, but in KR you only got the black skin version after buying 4 white (i think it was 4), so it would be 8000 RC if we followed the KR way, but in RU it seems they’re permanent items on their cash shop being both black and white version the same price (Unless i saw a video of a private server in RU)

I don’t doubt that the first ones to list the black caped skins will put at around 300k gold and then after a while stay at around 200k gold, well i think at least it won’t go down 100k gold.

Yeah it’s why I can’t really price the skins into the price in good faith. There’s really no way to judge the value of those fuckers in a tangible way so just go with your own evaluation. As is you can look at it as buying the skins for 100$ and getting about that much in free shit. Or you are buying 100$ of materials and cards and shit and getting the skins for free.

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What region is this on though? The pricing and value of the BC and Pheons will change from region to region. Which means the price of the Mari shop items will also change due to the increased or decreased BC prices.

Nvm pretty sure i’m dumb and you based your calculations entirely off the static RC > BC values in the shop and extrapolated the dollar:gold that way.

Yep I felt that was the most “fair” way to do it. It’s all TECHNICALLY a bit cheaper if you have enough of the level up bundles. But I felt this was a more transparent comparison.

Fair enough as going regional the values could vary wildly. Like on NAW I’m fairly confident the 100$ might be extreme value if we go based on your break down as our BC prices are ~3300 per buy meaning all those card packs and other things that are anywhere from 50-300 BC in Mari’s are suddenly thrown at you. But I don’t like dealing with cards so to me those are not value I’m interested in.

The card packs in each of the deals are actually the same as the 3+1 bundle packs you can buy 3 a month at 2700 RC each. The only things I was basically unable to value properly are the Solars Battle item Boxes and loose bombs and shit because the mari prices are so inflated. So I just called it a wash and considered them the “bonus”

What are your thoughts on splitting the costs? Say I’m not interested in the cards and other “bonus”. But I want the skin and mount. Would I be better with the 1k, 2.1k and 4k spending a total of 7100 vs 9700? I get 2 skins, 2 pets, a mount and the best value “bonus” mats of all the bundles. Or does the even more “extra” in the 9700 pack make it worth the extra 30$ you’d have to spend pre-tax

I mean end of the day it would be great if they just let us buy the skins. Sadly we can only really look at it holistically. If you want to look at it in terms of valuing the cards at 0$ then it looks much worse because there’s alot of “value” tied up in the card packs. Keep in mind that the skins we get in the 4k bundle is NOT the black cape skin. It’s the white cape skin which is great on it’s own but will be SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper on market because it’s a pretty good value.

Personally I think it’s worth it in a weird fucked up twisted way. The black cape skins have the potential to be MONSTERIOUSLY expensive with them being tied to a massive whale bundle and alot of whales honestly preferring to just use them on themselves rather than selling em. These have the potential to hit Platinum Skin levels of pricing because of how expensive they are to obtain even with all the bonus loot we got with it. If you have the extra cash and you want to invest into this game, this is not an awful value.

I see this as a massive gamble though at the same time. Even if I want to sell the skin if we’re hitting platinum skin levels then who’s buying the skin? Isn’t it the same whale that’s willing to swipe anyway? This part is what rough to me because the bed mount in the 2.1k could be the same we saw it spike to 250k in KR with the anniversary skin on GS. With a massive inflation like that we could see our markets try to do something similar preemptively.

I’m still not entirely convinced that the black skin will be wholly locked behind a 100$ pack, though this is AGS, it seems extremely scummy to lock skins behind packs like that and generally even some of the worse p2w offenders in the F2P community don’t pull crap like that. That level of predation goes against everything they’ve claimed to be for trying to be “inclusive” to everyone.


However, I will concede that more and more we’re seeing skins being priced into the 50$ + territory which is putting me off personally from skins. 20$ is still alot for a single character bound skin and the skins aren’t even dyeable meaning there’s no customization to be done at all. PLUS they’re full sets you can’t take just the stockings, just the boots, or just some other piece. It’s a 3 piece set meaning the skirt and jacket go together the boots + stockings and the hat + glasses are all together.

Putting skins in those trash bundles is A hole move.

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I agree but I know that my voice doesn’t really help here and really we would have to speak with our wallets. The problem is I made this post to look at it from a logical point of view and it kinda does work out to being a good value which annoys the hell out of me.

I guess we’ll see in 36 hours or so what the deal is. I agree wholly that if we’re locking a skin behind a 100$ paywall it really sucks especially if the value is good. That’s a lot to ask someone to spend.

And the 100$ bundle doesnt even include the wallpaper…most games have the most expensive package include EVERYTHING from the cheaper packages but AGS just confusing everything.

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they’re not confusing anything. the word you’re looking for is they’re greedy and want you to buy more than just 1 pack. that’s why the wallpaper isn’t included in the most expensive pack.

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9700 *3 = 29,100
6000 *3 = 18,000
1000 wallpaper package

48,100 RC if I wanted to max buy skip the 4000 and 2100, package

That’s nearly $500

I don’t think it’s worth it. You get much more out of $100 if you simply bought and re-sold skins in the game. 750 RC pieces were going for 30k on NAW. lol

Currently, this is still the case in NAE.

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Im suprised that ASG havent turn up the prices before black friday.