Did the royal crystals price change?

Last box used to be 965turkish lira… I know our currency is declining… but triple the price overnight? :confused:

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Still the same overpriced bundle of joy as they ever were on NA-E for Canadian amount.

If the Turkish box price shot up 3x overnight, that is highway robbery

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According to Google, 3200 Turkish lira equals to 230 Canadian dollars or £ 140 which both sounds like a crazy hike and also a crazy price by itself compared to 140 Canadian dollar price that is posted above. Probably better to ask @Roxx as she might be able to provide more info on this absurd pricing.

I had heard of people using this loophole in EU to buy cheaper RC so probably to combat that.

Happy Anniversary… :confused:

wow 3x increase ? how’s the price in argentina right now ? also 3x increase ??


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it’s 1900 ₺ now but still 2x more then before the anniversary.
It’s so expensive now. when they try to fix anything it hurts regular players always.

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yo @Roxx artist is coming up and we now get double price on RCs ? is this like preventing VPN users to buy from TR or something else as this was not announced that clearly. This happened last year as well at exact same month …

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Just to be clear, price was formerly $133.99 in CAD. Now $139.99 for whatever reason. Other regions got far more unfair mark-ups.

Should have been something AGS actually announced as well.

Almost 2x actually and taxes are now 100% so add a 2x to the new 2x T-T

Here you have your answer.

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I have the price x2 did they’ll change after today reset ?

besides usd looks like every other region currency exchange rate of rc got jumped.

It is literally the same that is not the answer :open_mouth:

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