Did they forget about Galatur?

I understand that there are an abundant amount of issues with the game affecting a larger amount of people. But maybe half if not more of the Galatur server still cannot progress through the Main Story Questline. It’s been over a day and should be a relatively simple fix yet still nothing.

I understand many people can’t even get into the game because of queues, but if anything it’s worse being teased by playing a game but not being able to progress or even level efficiently. It’s like some weird limbo. I haven’t even gotten my ship yet so I can’t pass time doing islands.

At least let us know it is being actually worked on, or give us an ETA, something. There was absolutely nothing mentioned in the recent server updates about us. I still haven’t even received an AUTOMATED response by AGS.

I’ve done literally every sidequest I can, used all of my trade skill energy. I do NOT want to just start an alt, that’s what power passes are for. Please we just want an update.

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Please check out News Post on this topics to find the steps you can take to resolve this issue.

and follow our Official discussion thread for this issue: Official Galatur Thread

Look, Seawolf…you keep posting this same message over and over but I have done all this already. I was one of the first ones to bring it to everyone’s attention and still my character is broken. You say you took everyone’s name down on a list, but have you really? Your customer service department sucks so far. Too much delay in this serious issue.

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some of us have been waiting since Thursday how does this happen to a game that is already well established

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