Did they just buff drop rates for everything or it's the luckiest day of my life?

I don’t know what’s going on, but this can’t be a coincidence.

Used 6k work energy, levelling up mining, so moonlight miner and leap’s essence active, got 2x platinum field tickets.

In two chaos dungeons I got one cube entry and one boss rush ticket.

On ghost ship I got a legendary card.

Did a map rotation, epic T3, and got two maserpieces in two consecutive maps! I didn’t even know it was a thing, never got one before.

Got epic wealth rune from Lagoon adventure island.

Also got Anguish island token on my daily Stella run.

I refuse to believe I got this lucky, especially after having awful luck with RNG drops so far.

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seems like a good day :wink: grats

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don’t worry you will wake up soon, all jokes aside congratulations, with your luck you should try to increase your Ilvl :wink:

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Yeah, well, over the past week I got 0 collectibles I’m trying for, so sudden change in luck got me suspicious.

Sitting on 10 days worth of T3 mats and ilvl1340, this is just their tactic to bait me into wasting it all on honing.

Or better, go play lottery. if you earn millions you can buy your way to 1370 :smiley: You can even invest in SG and be part from their management <3

I leveled my weapon from 1325-1350 without fails but I don’t want to talk about the armor it still hurts. Guess you had a lucky day congratz mate

No, I’m ready for the real test now. Illusion isle in 20 minutes, I’ve been doing it like 4 times a day for a week now, can’t get the token or adventure map. If I get that, I’m going to casino tonight.

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