Did they remove gold and red portals from Chaos dungeons?

Took some time away from the game but came back pretty hard and been running a lot of chaos on all of my 9 t3 chars. Haven’t seen a single special portal since returning, it may just be rng but i never went a day before without seeing multiple when not even playing this much, did they patch them out for bots or something?

Thanks for any info, ty.

Sounds like a skill issue

It’s rng, i only play three alts and last week i saw 2 red portals and 2 or three gold.

Guess i’ll see this week but rng god is present for sure.

I have 9 tier 3, I don’t play them all every day but I’ve had 2 red portals in about 3 weeks.

I got a gold portal yesterday on one of my 4 dungeon runs.

Just gotta keep plugging away at it.

dont think so. yesterday i thought they buffed them cause i got 6 gold portals.

No its RNG. Just had both a red and gold yesterday between running my alts. You can go long streaks without seeing any.

had 2 gold in a row today on 1 char and zero boss tickets on 3 chars (6 runs)…

Yes, they removed them without telling anyone in hope that no one notices. Also, they steal your dogs’ food when you are sleeping.

Nope, got a gold portal today.

I only get red portals on my bard.