Did this happen with anyone before?

I was doing vykas we finished g1 and we quit at g2 , after that i switched to another char for about 2 hours and then now when i am trying to complete it it say the i ecxeded weekly limit and there is no ticket in this case cuz i didnt dc and u can see in the screenshot that i only done g1 but it say completed
so is there also a ticket in this case ??

Does it let you go do g3?

nope cant enter at all

Oh. Definitely a customer service thing then. I’ve only gotten tickets on my mail on instant crashes before but this one I dunno

Something like this happened to me last month where my files got corrupted and kicked me off the game, after doing the whole steam verification process i got back online only to see the the same stuff ur seeing now (The raid got completed while i wasn’t there and said exceed the weekly limit). A few days later i got my reset ticket so hopefully you get yours soon as well.

i had this befor you will get a ticket within 24h

yeah our group member has this with clown he was the only 1 that loaded in and we were still out so we remade pt and he quit raid also says for him its completed

You will get a ticket, dont worry.

Yes you will get ticket in a little while. This happens a lot in oreha dungeons where I load in by myself only to get kicked out and then some hours later get a ticket in the mail

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