Did you guys mean to say May/June Roadmap?

Roadmaps are typically long term development goals.

An April roadmap revealed in April doesn’t inspire confidence that you guys are capable of rousing and tempering player expectations for the future (or the long term for that matter).

It’s sort of neat to hear about what’s coming in the near future, but in the end the roadmap you guys are promising to deliver is only giving insight only 1 month ahead.

That being said, if you guys still want to do roadmaps this way, can you at least poll the community on what they want to see in the next “roadmap” for June/July? You guys may hear a lot of complaints on these forums, but I have not seen a single attempt to gauge interest on topics outside of honing.


On top of that, I’d rather hear on specifics on what the moving puzzle pieces are, and what exactly is holding up, instead of some generic responses without any detail.

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The puzzle pieces are that they need more data…
Funny that it takes so long even after 1 month of argos

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The game is already develop, they Just manually disabled content, the only thing they are doing is censoring skims and some silly editorial changes like they did with oreha and argus to squese whales and generarte People to rage spent in the game, as show in new World they dont really care for a longe term game, they Just squeze what they can,.

The main reason that this guys are delayinh everything Is they are very aware that the situation is getting out of hand, so they are trying to do some dmg control.

They had plenity of time to prepare for this, thats why they delay this game for so long.

In conclusión the road map is Just a meme design to try and keep as many players spending as they can before they need to fix their silly changes.