Did you notice how slow the forum is getting?

it used to be far more active, now post from the last day are still on top the next one, and not even because of bumbs, it quite say everything we need to know :wink:


yeah that most of the people that came here to rage post, quit. lol


Sadly ye

vykas was too hard for them unfortunately

sadly the people pubbing kung at 1480+ are still absolute trash at the game

Why sad? Those people who came here to post criticism, complains, feedback and the reason they are quitting were greeted with “Don’t like then leave”. So, that’s what we’re getting now.


could the whiners either finally quit, or they’re banned from the forum ???

Weekends tend to be less active because people visit this forum while bored at work.
People getting banned “for causing dissent” when talking about anything related to skins.

Anyway, literally no reason to post on forums on weekends. The CMs don’t work on weekends, so none of these are getting read or regulated. There was one weekend where things became a mess, and there was no CM to moderate it.

Well, you can only make so many cry threads on the same topics over and over.


Well maybe you should find something else to do instead of checking LA forums every 5 minutes hoping to find some new drama.


Same reason could be said for trends a few weeks/months back. In March/April/May, heck even June, there were more activities on these forums during the so called “weekends”/“less active days” compared to now.

You can tell each other whatever reason to convince yourselves that the game isn’t in the decline but one thing is for certain; trends don’t lie.


Seems good to me, most of them were whiners or people who were never planning to stick around anyway. xD


who cares


Yep kids are gone finally. Posts are getting better and more constructive finally


That’s generous to call it that. Most were REEE release artist now or riot!! or how DARE you delay a patch!!

This forum is the laughing stock of reddit which mean something because reddit is the laughing stock of the internet


Post crying for Artist peaked until May after the Roadmap confirmed we’re getting only 1 class every 2 months and Roxx confirmed many times that we’re getting the older classes first. Artist posts kinda of died down after that.

Yes, we have posts crying about delayed patch as well but that’s only for the infamous “mid-June” patch.

However, we can’t deny the fact that people have been unkind and telling others to leave if they are unhappy. That’s not the right thing to do if we want to have a healthy game population.


A fair bit of the complains were things AGS have no control over, I’m all for hating on AGS (I played new world, i’m a ags survivor) but AGS don’t have as much control over this game as some people seem to believe. In all the complains i’ve seen the only ones that stood out as legitimate was the bot problem which AGS have done an amazing job at dealing with recently and class release shedule which in the end is still smilegate’s final say

People turn back from the forums because they see the people malding about the same things they malded a month ago, even when everything was pretty much cleared and done. Ain’t nobody staying here to comment on that or even bother digging through the mud for the valuables


By far more active do you mean that there were way more people crying about totally random stuff?

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I don’t know man. Legion raids has been touted to be the “savior” of the game, “it will bring back the players and bring in new players” they said. However, the trends are showing the opposite.

The only reason I’m staying is because

  1. I have a static
  2. I love Abrelshud’s raid design

Things have to improve after Abrelshud raid, if not, it’s goodbye for me as well and that’s me saying it with a heavy heart.


Yeah, because we are not KR. We will never be KR and comparing KR and the West is just plain dumb until the end of year 2 or something. They had even longer periods of no progression or new content so when this stuff came out the majority was ready for it. Meanwhile we released Valtan for the top 1% of the playerbase and then Vykas for an even smaller playerbase. These things have not been relevant to the majority of players at all and when you pre-release things in a way where not majority has an access to that thing, or at least some part of the new content of progress, a lot of them leave the game. Because players as a segment are highly incentivized to “get on the wave” of new things and that’s a major initial motive for them to move forward and invest in the game. That’s why new MMO server get high traction and then fall off, even if the game in it’s iteration has existed way before

So all things considered, newer players haven’t gotten much. I mean we got challenge guardian raids and the events, but… that’s not really much tbh. We need more stuff like the challenge guardian raids where players can play the game and get better rewards than running infinite chaos dungeons or alts. Something like hard mode Abyss dungeons or anything that is content you can run below 1415

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