Did you pick the wrong class / your class is not out? what will you do if 1400+?

I think some people had no choice in the starting class not all classes where out or most (summoner, scouter, reaper, destroyer), or you made the wrong class choice not because your class preforms bad but just cuz of the looks or how it plays. (this is not for people who are best class chasers thats a bit diffrent I think). What can you really do to swap your main or something and your main now is 1400+ basicly valten is comeing in 1 week. How do you really change your main like it seems difficult compared to some games especially now with low gold income etc. I mean again this is considering your F2P or your puting a bit of salt on the top like maybe 50 € a month or less. Basicly what can you really do ? Again lets say you have no “saved resources” because you have to sort of push for valten and can not just “RMT” the gold. How will you swap or what can you really do at this point… ? I guess when you where fresh 50 it was still possible but now what will you be doing and do you think its hard to swap a main?

Yes. I am 1415 and I don’t want my Paladin to be my main anymore so I am going to change to Destroyer. What will I do? I will get my Destroyer to 1370 asap and then slowly catch up to Paladin. I saved all mats from events and ark pass for part 2 months.

There will be new classes in the future like Female Zerk or Male Mage (my future main) and people will change mains again even if they are 1500+. That’s normal. However, LA is about playing more classes/characters constantly so if you want to have a new main, it will be more like an alt for quite some time before you slowly catch up to your current main and then swap.