Did You Wait Until The Last Day to Test or What?

Hahaha, you guys really wait till the last day and spit in our face. Not everyone like to be spitted at, you damn clown company.

And what’s about this message here? I don’t want to blame it all on Roxx, but god damn this makes me so mad.


Roxx is quite literally the messenger, I have no idea why so many people tend to aim their frustrations out on them. I’m upset too, but it’s not the CM’s fault that this delay has happened, they just relay information to and from.


There is apparently a flaw in the process for this to continue happening from New World to Lost Ark the communication process is really bad. None of us know the behind the scenes actions taking place but I cant think of another game company that is this bad at communications.


This isn’t exactly something uncommon. You do some testing while developing, then you delegate it to dedicated testers for more thorough testing (not always). Before deployment you do integration, regression and a few other tests. There are other methodologies for development, but this is fairly common one for product that gets weekly updates.

They probably should have treated this one a bit special, since it is bigger; freezing this branch and doing fixes and other small stuff we get weekly on a different one and just deploy it later or at the same time if it works fine would have been better. However, it is often hard to resist squeezing in those last minute “simple and definitely safe” changes, so this isn’t unexpected to me.

Remember that while Amazon is big, Smolgate isn’t and it is them who do this work. Does not excuse them for this unprofessional display, but I would suggest to set your expectations lower or else you will keep getting disappointed. There is plenty of lazy development to be seen in this game.


They tried to put more skins into the game…

this is a monthly update not weekly that has been through tests already for two weeks & CM confirmed that build was OK from last week.

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Good new of the day! They fixed it!