Didn't get loot in Argus P1 due DC


I disconnected mid fight, came back about 3-4min later due game loading time, the raid was finished. I could see the MVP screen but havn’t received any loot / gold. I couldn’t also claim bonus loot because I havnt received any regular loot and now I have ID… Also I havnt received the battle/Healing items I used, any help?

No one on the forums is able to assist you manually. They have an automated system that can detect if disconnects occurred on the server side and provide an access ticket under specific conditions. Your description of the problem sounds like you do not meet those conditions. I would guess that it is unlikely the automated system will provide you anything but please keep an eye on your in game mail just in case.

Please refer to their official post for more information.

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Thank you for the help assisting @jealousmuch and we can confirm you are right at the moment we are aware of this issue and we are currently working to improve the experience for all the players affected.

Referring of what was said on the post by @Roxx :
In an effort to help improve these less than ideal experiences we now have a system in place that will re-grant access to activities in-game that have weekly lockout timers, utilize tickets, or consume a daily bonus (Aura of Resonance) when a game server crash or outage occurs during player participation.

We apologize for all the inconvenience this might caused.

Please send your comments on our feedback section also this will be reviewed by our specialized team, where the team will have an eye about your opinion and experience.

We appreciate your feedback is always welcome.
Thank you to bring this important topic into the forum also.
Hope this helps, have a great week.


Had a pretty similar problem just a few minutes ago. My game crashed without an error message at the exact time the boss died and we got into the cutscene. When I booted Lost Ark back up, I was back in Vern, without rewards, with ID in Argos…
This is insanely frustrating. These random crashes happen several times every day and are really starting to gnaw at my ability to enjoy this game.
Before anyone asks, yes I do have recent drivers, yes I did repair my Lost Ark installation via Steam and even reinstalled the EAC… Whatever I tried did not help at all.
I’ve been having these issues pretty much since launch. Can anyone help me?

Edit: Oh yeah, I read about that automated system that should regrant me access to argos. Apparently I didnt qualify for that, since I did not receive any mail.


thanks for the answer. Like Betacow mentioned it’s indeed insanely frustrating that you get an ID for the boss but no loot. Can’t it be checked via Raid-ID (u get the lockout) that the loot will be granted via mail when you have a disconnect / game crash and log back in? And in my case, I know that the dc was on my side and not server sided, still the result is the same and kinda shit tbh.

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