Didnt get punika pass + hyper express (and more)

Hi, I already have 9 characters on Zinnervale EUC and with the hyper express event I decided to create a second roster on the server Trixion EUC, I had already created a character in the past (approx lvl 18) but deleted it and decided to create a new one to begin a fresh start, i powerpass it to lvl 50, made him my “main” character, deleted the first ever made and then buy a punika powerpass to access to punika. My problem is, the requested quests to obtain the free punika pass are completed (Berver’s Friend) and i didnt received it and i cant select a character for the hyper express event.
Moreover i had couple issues, for example i m not able to access my sronghold since the quest to access it is no longer available (maybe due to the deletion of my first main character).
Any help is apprecited, tyvm.

Char name : Bipboopboopbip
Serv : Trixion EUC

Hey there @daju028!

Sorry to hear you’re having issues with the Hyper Express event and Punika Powerpass. Unfortunately, events like the Hyper Express and the free Punika Powerpass are a once per region thing, I can see in your account that in the Zinnervale server you have already used the Hyper Express meaning you will not be able to use it on any other character in the same region, same thing for the Punika Powerpass.

Hope this information helps!

Oh ok I understand now, I thought it was per server, thanks

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